We are celebrating 35 years of CEREC!

CEREC was developed by Prof. Mörmann and Dr. Brandestini and launched in 1985, marking the beginning of digitalization in dentistry. While in the beginning only the fabrication of inlays and single crowns was possible, today we are talking about an enormous variety of indications, including implantology and orthodontics.

With CEREC Primescan, our innovative intraoral scanner, CEREC Primemill, our newest milling and grinding unit, our latest CEREC Software and with the CEREC SpeedFire, we offer dental professionals a world-class chairside system that interacts perfectly and ensures seamless workflows.

The all-new CEREC sets new standards so dentists can offer patients an unmatched combination of single-visit dentistry and excellent quality. After 35 years of continuous optimization, CEREC gives dental professional’s the options they need to treat multiple indications with the confidence that comes from outstanding results.

Enjoy the video, in which Dr. Pfeiffer, former VP Technologies & CTO and Holger Emmert, VP Digital Platforms & Marketing, recall the fascinating development as well as major milestones of CEREC and provide us with their vision about the future of digital dentistry.

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