New Nobel Biocare N1™ implant system: How to experiment hands-on with this Educational Kit

0:00 Nobel Biocare N1™ offers a simplified surgical protocol and abutments that simply slide into place. Experiment hands-on with this Educational Kit and experience how it can change the way you treat patients.
0:16 Direct: Create the pilot osteotomy with OsseoDirector™, which defines the final implant position. The sharp tip supports bone engagement and the tapered body allows changes in direction while cutting.
1:02 Shape: The OsseoShaper™ instrument creates a specific osteotomy for the co-packed Nobel Biocare N1 Implant, and preserves vital bone due to less trauma with low speed and no irrigation.
2:04 Place: Place the Nobel Biocare N1™ Implant, which features a trioval neck. Then, simply slide the trioval conical connection Nobel Biocare N1™ Base into place.
3:19 Temporary Abutment trioval conical connection
3:51 Universal Abutment trioval conical connection and Manual Omnigrip Mini Screwdriver
4:44 Narrow ridge simulation
4:59 Change in direction simulation

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