New dental implant and abutment surfaces – Roundtable with Prof Tomas Albrektsson & Dr Ana Ferro

The TiUltra implant surface and Xeal abutment surface were introduced in 2019. Prof Tomas Albrektsson discusses the scientific background and the characteristics of the new surfaces, alongside Dr. Ana Ferro, who explains her clinical experience and ongoing clinical study using Xeal and TiUltra for the All-on-4® treatment concept.

00:00 Introduction
00:24 Why new surfaces?
01:40 Characteristics of the new surfaces
02:55 A “forgiving” design
05:21 Clinical study of Xeal & TiUltra with All-on-4®
07:54 Value of placing Xeal abutments at time of surgery
09:40 Cleaning and maintaining implants
11:15 Ease of introducing new surfaces to daily practice
11:50 Solid base of data behind the new surfaces

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