Immediate implant placement & loading in central incisor fresh extraction socket | Nobel Biocare N1

In this case, a 51-year-old female with poor oral hygiene has a deep fracture of tooth 21.
– Surgical solution: Socket Shield Technique. Tooth extraction and immediate dental implant placement of Nobel Biocare N1™ Implant and N1™ Base.
– Restorative solution: Veneer on tooth 11, crown on implant on tooth 21.

Case courtesy of Dr. Francesco Mintrone.

More than just an implant, Nobel Biocare N1 is a fully comprehensive system of dedicated instruments, prosthetic components, and surgical protocols designed to support you at every step. Based on the latest science of osseointegration, the site preparation is performed with a low speed instrument according to biological principles providing an implant-specific osteotomy with maximized control. The surgical protocol assists in decision-making during site preparation.

The trioval design of the Nobel Biocare N1 Base with the Xeal™ surface embraces the Mucointegration™ principle. The slim emergence profile is designed for long-term tissue stability, esthetics and restorative flexibility.

Engineered for stability and early tissue integration, the Nobel Biocare N1 Implant is optimized for immediate placement and function.

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