NobelActive TiUltra patient enrolment complete!

We are delighted to announce that our large real-world clinical study of TiUltra implants has reached a milestone. Patient enrolment for NobelActive is complete! ​

Thank you to Prof Miguel Roig, Dr Ville Männistö, Prof Daniele De Santis, Dr Roberto Sleiter, Dr. Pieter Avontroodt and Dr. Christopher Colby for participating, and treating 250 of the 1000 patients with NobelActive. ​

​This is real-world science that matters for you, and your patients. Working with over 30 clinics in 14 countries, for five years we will be observing the clinical benefits of NobelActive®, NobelReplace®, NobelParallel™ CC and the new Nobel Biocare N1™ implants, all with the TiUltra surface.​​

Anodized implants are widely accepted as the most clinically documented on the market with a moderately rough surface – this study will continue strengthening that status.​​

Learn more about the TiUltra™ and Xeal™ surfaces at​

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