Nobel Biocare N1™ drill protocol with Dr. Ernest Orphanos

Watch Dr. Ernest Orphanos get hands-on experience with the new Nobel Biocare N1™ system drill protocols. He demonstrates how to use the OsseoDirector™ and OsseoShaper™.

Dr. Orphanos offers such advice about being aware that the tip of the OsseoDirector is 1 mm longer so you have to be aware of vital structures.

He is a fan of counterbalancing when drilling so he advises to always use two hands. Next, he goes over how to place the implant. He is always sure to align the flat side to the buccal so it helps on the restorative side.

Dr. Orphanos thinks the N1 system has the potential to be game changing. The system has fewer burrs, less potential to heat up the bone, and less potential to create a cellular death zone. He stated that the system is incredible impressive. Watch and comment on his technique!


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